Arola-Vintetres, as the name suggests, is a restaurant owned by Michelin-starred Spanish chef Sergi Arola and located in Hotel Tivoli. Prior to going further, a curious note on the restaurant’s name… It was… Continue reading

Le Jazz

Another late dinner and no worries about having to wake up early the next day. This time on a friday night. This small cozy French restaurant called Le Jazz is the proof that… Continue reading


Nothing better than meeting friends for a good late dinner, after a busy day at work. And it gets even better when you have seafood and typical dish from Bahia (NE state in… Continue reading


Back to update the blog after a while away from here. To be honest, I was not expecting much from 348 because we had visited this restaurant during SP Restaurant Week. I thought… Continue reading

Nakombi and Crepes & Waffles

Nakombi, which means “In the Kombi”, is also the name of theJapanese place I visited recently. I suppose  the reason of the name is because they prepare sushis and sashimis on a modified… Continue reading

Mercearia do Chopp

A good option to have lunch in Bom Retiro area. A peaceful place amid this busy neighborhood. I tried this tasty tilapia with spinach sauce. The good part of not having to work is… Continue reading

Pizza & Pasta Famiglia Mancini

Visited this nice Italian restaurant with my friends. One of the common links I have with them is the fact we spent some time in SNU, whether as language student or as exchange… Continue reading

Ráscal and Bacio di Latte @ JK Iguatemi

After going through some interview processes back in São Paulo, I had dinner with 3 other friends. Because 3 of us met early, we first went to Starbucks to wait for a friend… Continue reading


Indian restaurant in Seoul. 7 pm. You take a look around and you see a lot of couples or group of girls having dinner. This somehow made me feel a little bit bad… Continue reading

Seoga & Cook

This place in gangnam is definitely a place you should go with at least 4 people… The reason is that their dishes are really well served. They have the same price for every dish.… Continue reading